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psp9_fun's Journal

Paint Shop Pro 9 Fun
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using paint shop pro version 9 (psp9)
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Welcome! Please read ALL the way down here before joining this community. Thanks!

Are you new to Paint Shop Pro 9? Want to learn some basics about using it? Or maybe you've been using PSP8 for a spell but want to learn more?

Maybe you know how to use it and would enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?

We STRONGLY advise all members to do the existing TUTORIALS here! Want to see what's been covered here previously? You might want to check our Memories HERE.

Let's try some icon-making on for size! (Or maybe learn how to make a background for your LJ...)

This is for PSP9 (and AS3) instructions, only. We are not here to help you with overrides or styles of your actual LiveJournal.

Folks, there are no stupid questions. No one will ever treat you like a 'dummy' here! That's a promise. And there are only questions that haven't been made clear for those reading/answering--and that can be fixed by adding more details!

So, 'cute' language (things like: i like u) isn't much fun when the person reading is trying to understand you. Please do your best to try to carefully explain what you need to know. (We're not grading your entries, though. So don't worry all that much 'bout spelling and such. LOL.)

PLEASE use the default font when posting here. Smaller fonts are hard for many to read.

PLEASE limit the use of different font colors. Many people view community posts inside their 'friends' area and if they have the same color background that you're using for your text color, they'll simply see a 'blank' entry!

PLEASE do not 'center' all the text in an entry. It's fine to center one or two lines (such as when you do a tutorial). It's also fine to center images. But an entire post with centered text is difficult to read.

And thanks for your help in making it easier to help you!

KevinR, community moderator kevinr
(email me HERE)
Czar Nikky, assistant moderator nk_seashore
(email Nikky HERE)
Becky O, assistant moderator beckyo
(email Becky HERE)
CharlieMC, assistant moderator charliemc
(email Charlie HERE)
Katie, assistant moderator katiefoolery
(email Katie HERE)

'Please' and 'thank you' go a long way here. Remember to use them often!

Note: While we're delighted to welcome your tutorials here, please don't offer links to website tutorials. (Or tutorials in other journals/communities. Thanks!

(See this entry in our sister/affliate community HERE for more details.)

NOTE: As it comes packaged together with PSP9, this community also features 'support' for AS3 (Animation Shop 3).


[PLEASE read BEFORE joining!]

Please do not 'lock' (filter) your entries to this community. All entries should be public, in other words.

Are you looking for communities here at LiveJournal? Check out the following:


Advertising/promoting any other communities here requires special permission from the community owner/moderator, KevinR kevinr. You can email him HERE.

(Please help to spread word about the above mentioned communities. Thanks!)

Respect each other and we'll all have fun together...

The use of the lj-cut tag for images (other than icon-size) and for all LINKS is not only appreciated, but mandatory here.

If you don't know how, see this ENTRY. (Or check the LiveJournal FAQ.)

Please do not ask others for a 'pirated' version of PSP9. Don't ask others to 'share' their registration numbers with you. Don't tell others how to 'cheat' and keep the software running beyond the trial period. Please don't ask members to share software -- or offer to share it!

Please keep in mind that this community was set up for legitimate users (those who have purchased the software--or are seriously trying-intending-to-buy the software) of PSP8.

[Let me make myself entirely clear here. I don't want you to post referring to WAREZ (read: illegal) forms of acquiring software. That includes PSP9, AS3, plugins or any other related softwares. I remain--as always--opposed to the mention of Kazaa and will have moderators delete any entries/comments that refer to it.]

Friends, as softwares go, PSP9 is not a very expensive purchase. Regardless, this community prefers to remain on the side of honest and legal use of PSP8. (Think about how you feel when someone steals from you. End of lecture.)

We are in no way associated with JascSoftware and are making no attempt to infringe on their copyrights to this software. For more information on Paint Shop Pro 9, or other JascSoftware products, be sure to check HERE.