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Paint Shop Pro 9 Fun
Banners Part 2b: Glow Effect 
12th-Oct-2007 03:57 pm
Wizard of Oz - Magic

Topic: Graphics, Banner Effects
Using: Paint Shop Pro 9

This is the second section of part 2 of my Banners tutorial for Paint Shop Pro. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use a glow effect. This tutorial uses PSP9 but you should be able to follow it in most versions of Paint Shop Pro.
[download video] More video tutorials at videotuts or ShannonShows.com.
6th-Nov-2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
I love your tutorials! I'm unfortunatly at work right now, but I'm going to try these out as soon as I'm back on my computer. Thanks for posting both of these video tuts!!
9th-Jul-2008 03:12 am (UTC) - thanks!
thanks a ton for this tutorial!
i was wondering how to get the glow effect.
this really helped.